AWS, Content Delivery Network and Debian


	always_bcc = backup
	myorigin = $mydomain

 The always bcc mail is sent to backup@$mydomain.  This is how
 Postfix has worked for the last four years.

 If you want to have such mail delivered locally, then I suggest
 that you specify:

	always_bcc = backup@$myhostname

 or something equivalent.

 If you were redirecting the backup mail with a virtual map

	backup	backup@localhost

 Then perhaps something broke the virtual file as you upgraded to
 a newer version of the Berkeley DB library, which is documented as
 not compatible with itself in he RELEASE NOTES file.

 There are about five million other ways in which you could have
 received the backup mail locally, but I am not going to enumerate
 all of them. I hope you understand that I have other things to do.


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