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postfix-1.2 cleanup list

  • Sendmail -v now produces no output. You need to specify -v -v instead. This is to avoid problems when people request verbose mail delivery in their mail.rc file. File: sendmail/sendmail.c.
  • Hash_queue_depth now defaults to 1 level of subdirectories. This makes “mailq” faster on most systems, but will result in poorer worst-case performance when lots of mail is queued.
  • The check_relay_domains restriction is going away. The SMTP server logs a warning and suggests using reject_unauth_destination instead.
  • Virtual_maps is now called virtual_alias_maps, in order to better distinguish it from virtual_mailbox_maps. The default value is $virtual_maps for backwards compatibility.
  • New parameters virtual_alias_domains and virtual_mailbox_domains for the “domain.tld whatever” lookups. These use the same syntax as the mydestination parameter. Default settings are backwards compatible with Postfix 1.1.
  • Just like $mydestination+$inet_interfaces control what routes to $local_transport, $virtual_mailbox_domains now controls what routes to $virtual_transport (default transport: virtual), and $relay_domains now controls what routes to $relay_transport (default transport: relay, a clone of the smtp transport). Everything else routes to $default_transport as before. This eliminates the need for transport maps for virtual(8) domains, and avoids performance problems with inbound relay mail. This was improvement was suggested by Victor Duchovni. File: trivial-rewrite/resolve.c.
  • Not in 1.2 will be sender address verification, and “sendmail -bv” and “sendmail -v” mail delivery status reports. Sender address verification is not yet suitable for general usage.



Ah, well, there is/was some lack of clarity in the MIPv6 draft regarding
what to do about CoAs, and how to pick a primary CoA. That is likely causing
the problem you are seeing. The good news is that I proposed a change to
draft 19 which was accepted, and this change should fix these problem by
providing additional guidance in this area to MN implementors. That issue
(#170) is documented here:





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