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日別アーカイブ: 2002/12/10

suck ero-oyaji

I hate suck ero-oyaji at metro (very crowded). They often read sport newspaper or dubloid(?) paper in front of young or elder women… He is watching(not reading!) ero-page and his hand is moving in his pants…


で、がしがし作業ができるように環境をいじる。いや作業といっても研究計画というか妄想というかをpowerpointにまとめるだけなのであるが。rdesktopでは8bit colorでつかう(Linuxなのでな)ことになるが、むかしは256色でwin3.1をつかっていたことを思いだしてなんだかなつかしなってしまったり。とはいえ、xmlばりばりなoffice2002をつかっているわけですが。





Postfix snapshot 20021209 is release candidate for Postfix official release 1.2.




hash_queue_depthが1になった。(2->1) イマドキのfsをつかっていればこっちのほうが速いはず。

reject_maps_rblからreject_rbl_clientに, check_relay_domainsからreject_unauth_destinationにするようにlog出力。


chattr +S がなくなったのだが(20021209から):コワイですよ。

The Postfix installation procedure no longer sets the "chattr +S" bit on Linux queue directories. Wietse has gotten too annoyed with naive reviewers who complain about performance without having a clue of what they are comparing.

  • The Postfix SMTP server rejects mail for unknown local recipients by default; and you can specify an optional table for all known relay_domains destinations, so that the SMTP server can reject mail for unknown relay recipients as well. There’s a limited safety net for sites without accessible UNIX passwd file inside a chroot jail.
  • Easier configuration with address domain classes (local, virtual alias, virtual mailbox, relay), each class having its own delivery transport, its own table with known recipients, and each having its own list of domains. Mail that does not match one of the above classes is sent out via the default “smtp” transport. The “virtual mailbox” address class eliminates the need for transport map entries for individual virtual domains, and the “relay” class (which uses a new “relay” transport) alleviates the most common performance problem with relaying inbound mail.
  • Regular expression support in alias maps and in virtual mailbox maps. However, you cannot use $1 etc. substitutions in table lookup results because that would open security loopholes.