AWS, Content Delivery Network and Debian

日別アーカイブ: 2003/06/19

postfix-tls 0.8.14


* A missing variable has been re-introduced.
  - On Solaris systems (SUNOS5), non-blocking behaviour has been introduced
    after 2.0.10. Postfix/TLS failed in servermode after this change
    -> fixed.
  - On other systems, the TLS handshake phase was not protected by the
    timeout setting and would only time out after the watchdog would be
!!-> This bug has been introduced in Jan 2002.
!!-> Please update.

* The -DHAS_SSL compile time define to activate the TLS extensions has been
  changed to -DUSE_SSL to behave according to the SASL extension.
  - For the time being, HAS_SSL is caught and USE_SSL is activated.
!!-> Please update your build scripts.

* In client mode, the SubjectAlternativeName/dNSName extension is now
  supported, allowing to verify servers with multiple identities.
  This does not have any effect on the server mode, as the dNSNames are
  part of the server certificate, not of the software.
  (Thanks to Deti Fliegl <>.) 国別isp別blackhole list