AWS, Content Delivery Network and Debian

日別アーカイブ: 2003/06/30

Postfix 2.0 patchlevel 13


  • After “postfix reload”, the master daemon now warns when the inet_interfaces parameter setting has changed, and ignores the change, instead of passing incorrect information to the smtp server.
  • After the postdrop command change with Postfix 2.0.11, the postcat command no longer recognized “maildrop” queue files as valid.
  • Mail could bounce when two messages were delivered simultaneously to a non-existent mailbox file. The safe_open() code that prevents race condition exploits will now try a little harder when it actually encounters a race condition.

ぷららのpop before smtp専用サーバ設定



正面の女性はパフをはたいているな。つか若いな..19 20といったところか。


というか2058高井戸発だったのだが:2104永福町、2110下北沢ですいすいのれた。駅たんはのりかえマージンをとりすぎだな。 Internet2 Land Speed Record

また新記録か(by caltech)。
983 megabits-per-second with a single IPv6 streamはいいとしても、これが

The new records were set through the efforts of the DataTAG project and CERN using a standard Linux TCP implementation demonstrating the broad possibilities of today’s high-performance networks.

ということでLinuxの実装? らしいことだな。 でんこちゃん一家家系図