AWS, Content Delivery Network and Debian Hashcash is a denial-of-service counter measure tool.

Its main current use is to help hashcash users avoid losing email due to content based and blacklist based anti-spam systems.

Description: postage payment scheme for email based on hash calculations
Hash cash is a payment scheme that uses CPU cycles as the form of payment. This can be used as a counter-measure for junk email (spam) by using the hash cash token as a proof of payment for each email that you sent.

ということでちとみるか。まあ、あわてなくても、 Hashcash is supported in SpamAssassin as of version 2.70. ということなので
待つかなあ。debのspamassassinもすぐに2.70になるだろ。さらに Hashcash is also supported by TMDA and CAMRAM. か。CAMRAMはこれからが楽しみだな。



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