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日別アーカイブ: 2007/07/04

how to migrate from (normal ) gmail to google for your domain gmail

Today, I had moved from normail gmail to gmail of google for your domains. Using gmail of mydomain is easy. But migration is not easy. Because I have a huge label and filter entry which I had maintained my gmail account for over two years.

Almost one hour, I was hopeless feelings. However, I remembered.

We can use filter assistant which is included in better gmail to migrate labels and filters!!  This cool filter assistant support both ASCII and Japanese characters.

  1. install better gmail
  2. logon normal gmail
  3. push filter assistant buttonimage 
  4. select “Backup filter & label” image
  5. copy from textarea. image
  6. logon gmail of google for your domains.
    1. push filter assistant button (same as 3)
    2. select “Restore filter & label” 
    3. paste your filter and label setting which you got at 5.
  7. (optional) logon normal gmail,
    1. remove all your filter
    2. set forward to  gmail of google for your domains



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