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日別アーカイブ: 2008/11/18


Speeding Up Rails Development | Ruby on Rails というところでいろんな方法が紹介されているが,そのなかでMacかえという話.

Seriously, Just Buy a Fucking Mac

Just do it. Stop making excuses. I was a Windows user for about ten years but mainly because I didn’t know any better. I now work full time on a mac, both at home and at work, and there’s not a thing you could do to make me go back to Windows.

Windows simply won’t do a lot of things that you’ll want to do. Background jobs? Not a chance. Git? oh yeah, you can use msysgit but who the fuck wants to open up a separate program just to use git? Fuck off Windows. You’re slow and you suck.

Why get a mac? Rails runs faster. You can use the best text editor around, TextMate. You can install all those gems and plugins that all say: “This won’t work on Windows”.

Think getting a mac is too expensive? Get a low spec mac mini for $599. That’s what I started using and even though it’s low spec I never had a problem with it. You can use your USB keyboard, mouse and your monitor from your Windows machine. Still think it’s too much? Have a look on Amazon… Preowned Mac Mini for $350

  • まあわからなくはないのだが,railsで開発するような人でもLinuxやBSD使うのはむずかしいのか? それなら金もかからんうえに,もっと自然に使えると思うのだが..
  • TextMateもいいけど,日本語入力に難があるような..