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postfixとsendmail用のmilter package for debian

ひぐちさんから頼まれてたenmaのdebian packageをdebianにいれてくれ,という話に応えてみた.
#532941 – ITP: enma — ENMA is a milter program for the domain authentication technologies. – Debian Bug report logs






このページは、Postfix詳解 – MTAの理解とメールサーバの構築・運用 – 荒木靖宏 著 (以下 Postfix本)の

* (あきらかな間違いの)修正



Wrapping up for Postfix 2.3 final tests


まあ今度からLinux風のversion numberづけにするとかいう話も。

By the way, should we call this 2.3 or 2.4? There is a lot of codeout there that is called Postfix 2.3-something. We could do theLinux thing and use odd minor version numbers for development andeven minor version numbers for stable releases.


delay=0.55, delays=0.055/0.038/0.0069/0.45


Postfix ATRN implementation notes

む! ATRN対応か。しかし、ETRNもそうだが実際に使っている場にはあまりでくわさない。というかちょっとやってみた、というのはあっても常時接続が当然な環境にいるせいなのか、たんに商用サービスでないからなのか、つかっているのを見ない。

atrn_domain_login_maps = type:table (これで有効に)
atrn_recipient_maps = type:table (なくてもいいけどあったほうが)
atrn_destination_concurrency_limit=1 (default)
atrn_domains = $atrn_domain_login_maps (default)
atrn_transport = atrn (default)
fast_flush_domains = $relay_domains $atrn_domains (default)


Postfix DSN support (RFC 3461..3464) is approaching completion.

ついにDSN対応完了か。20050517から22233行の変更。 Postfix本 増刷されました




Postfix 2.2.0 official release available

At the same time there is a postfix-2.3-20050309 snapshot release.

- TLS and IPv6 support are now built into Postfix, based on code
  from third-party patches.

- Extended query interface for LDAP, MySQL and PostgreSQL with free
  form SQL queries, and domain name filters to reduce unnecessary

- SMTP client-side connection reuse. This can dramatically speed
  up deliveries to high-volume destinations that have some servers
  that respond, and some non-responding mail servers.

- By default, Postfix no longer rewrites message headers in mail
  from remote clients. This includes masquerading, canonical mapping,
  replacing "!" and "%" by "@", and appending the local domain to
  incomplete addresses.  Thus, spam from poorly written software
  no longer looks like it came from a local user.

- When your machine does not have its own domain name, Postfix can
  now replace your "home network" email address by your ISP account
  in outgoing SMTP mail, while leaving your email address unchanged
  when sending mail to someone on the local machine.

- Compatibility workarounds: you can now selectively turn off ESMTP
  features such as AUTH or STARTTLS in the Postfix SMTP client or
  server, without having to "dumb down" other mail deliveries, and
  without having to use transport maps for outgoing mail.

- Remote SMTP client resource control (the anvil server).  This
  allows you to limit the number of connections, or the number of
  MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands that an SMTP client can send per
  unit time.

- Support for CDB, SDBM and NIS+ databases is now built into Postfix
  (but the CDB and SDBM libraries are not).

- New SMTP access control features, header/body actions, and more.

After a year of Postfix 2.2 snapshots it is a pleasure to announce the first Postfix 2.2 stable Release Candidate.